1. Form 3A not submitted along with claim forms.

2. NRS/NCP (Non Contributory Period) is not mentioned in Form 3A.

3. Photocopy of the latest passbook is not submitted.

4. Details submitted in the claim form differs from the records submitted earlier by the employer to the office.

5. Joint photographs of member and spouse is not submitted in the case of pension claims.

6. Claim form not signed by member.

7. Claim form not signed by the authorised signatory of the establishment.

8. In pension claim (Form 10D), bank details other than that of SBI and PNB are furnished. SRO Jabalpur disburses pension only through SBI and PNB.

9. In transfer claim (Form 13), both old and new PF account no. have to be mentioned correctly to avoid delay in settlement of the claim.

10. Mobile number of member/claimant are not mentioned in the claim form.